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A Cookbook of Memories

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My favorite memory of PCTC is the week of July 22-28, 1962 at the New Curriculum Week, when both I, Eleanor McClinton of Yellow Grass, SK, and my mother, Elizabeth White of Mankota attended. What a joy it was to share a room and this experience with my beloved Mother, deceased January 2, 2001. 28 students, 8 resource leaders (Rev. & Mrs. Norman McNavin, Nelson Abraham, Rev. Stewart Porteus all of Toronto; Rev. Jack and Margaret McLachlan of Steinbach and Rev. Norm and Joyce Scott of Tisdale and 5 children attended.) Joyce Scott had been a classmate of mine in Toronto at U.C.T.S. We had great fun and fellowship; wonderful learning and worship experiences as our minds, hearts and souls were opened to the then New Curriculum for the United Church using the first background book "The Word and The Way." New friendships were developed. 

Eleanor McClinton, Yellow Grass, SK

My favorite memory of PCTC is my first view of the Centre in the early 50's and its beautiful location. I attended first (50's) with a few of our congregation from Roblin. Then later, once the children grew up and we moved to a new location, we were too far to travel this distance and our holidays were spent directing and counselling at summer camps. I attended a few July Music Weeks, including one where Jim Manley and his wife were guests. It is still beautiful country. I have used music from the Centre's programs in our local choir. 

Olive Waddell, Newdale, MB 

Our Yellow Grass U.C.W. Unit spent a day at PCTC for our June wind-up. After a delicious, filling dinner, we decided we should have some exercise. What a beautiful setting! We went for a walk and those who were able climbed the hill. There was a feeling of being so close to God. In the afternoon we went to the chapel for our worship service. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. 

Audrey Wilkinson, Weyburn, SK

On July 17, 1990, Josie Scammell, Treva Green, Ella Clapson, Polly Kindrat, and Julia Meier drove to PCTC at Fort Qu'Appelle. We have many good memories of the day. None of us can remember the speakers or events but we can all remember it was well worth going to. 

Ridgedale United Church Women

I had heard of the possibility of a PCTC, when finally in 1951 at Fort Qu'Appelle a start was made. What a great event that was! I remember Rev. Bill Clark, who was one of the founders, coming and speaking at our Aylsham United Church, and giving us a very enthusiastic talk on this great event, for he had many hopes, dreams, and visions of what could be carried out now that they had a beginning. Of course there were many more that told the message of PCTC to the local congregations of Saskatchewan, asking for their support and help financially. Until eventually all the local congregations of the United Church in Saskatchewan had put it in their budgets. The Women's Auxiliary (later called the UCW) donated financially but did many other interesting things, such as making quilts, vegetable collection in the fall, canned vegetables, (until health regulations prevented them from doing so,) and so many other helpful activities. The program was first a five month training course for lay people. As time progressed, workshops, Conference committee meetings, and Conference UCW committee meetings were held at PCTC. Alice Wheeler, Ruth Schick and I attended many of these meetings. We are all from Aylsham, SK. 

Mrs. Florence Wartman, Aylsham

I remember with fondness the "quaintness" of PCTC. I also remember the great food and friendly, competent staff. 

Alice Bilokryly, Dinsmore, SK 

In 1955, my late husband and I spent our holidays (2 weeks) working as it was being built. As for myself, I helped with cooking, laundry etc. It was a wonderful experience. 

Enid Christianson, Cabri SK

Who would have thought that out of a group of fifteen strangers, five people could form a bond that has lasted over thirty years? We met at a PCTC event in 1971 to learn all facets of embroidery, interlacements, and quilting, taught by Marie Aiken, fibre artist and instructor in the Design Arts Department at Georgian College, Toronto. These workshops continued over several years and were one week in length. Out of the original group, four people, Mary Belle Powers, Pearl Richert, Mrs. Jantzen and I returned each time. Since then, we have met at least once a year. Our group expanded to include Pearl's sister, Jeanette Neufeld and my daughter, Margaret Hanna. We kept in touch with Marie through phone calls, letters and visits. In March, 2OOO, we were pleased to have Marie in our midst at my home in Balgonie. Why have we met all these years? Why, in this instant communication do we six feel compelled together at least once yearly? Diaries of the 1700's tell of neighbours coming together at quilting bees and barn raisings to make short work of an otherwise time-consuming process. But it was much more. It was a social time, catching up on local gossip, sharing good food, all with a personal touch. Nothing much has changed, The practice of people coming together today is just as important. We need to get away from daily routines, devote time to ourselves, pursue our own interests, share gossip with human beings - not E-mail and the printed page. P.C.T.C. was the inauguration of all this, plus a lasting friendship with five other people with the same interests. Marie Aiken became our mentor, providing the groundwork and confidence for us to experiment and investigate new ideas and materials as they became available. It also gave Mary Belle and myself the tools and confidence to pass on to others what we had learned. We have returned to P.C.T.C. to instruct at workshops, we have taught classes sponsored by Community Colleges and many other events such as Women's Conferences held at Banff and other locations. We reminisce about walking up the hill, studying the night sky (how bright the stars were!) and how a project that seemed hopeless at night would spring to life the next morning. The friendships, the wonderful food, (sticky cinnamon buns at midnight in the kitchen) the fellowship with the staff, the love of the valley are all attributes and memories of PCTC. For me, it was the beginning of a long-lasting and enriching friendship. 

Maisie Hanna, Balgonie, SK


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