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A Cookbook of Memories

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Our favorite memory of PCTC is the Music and Worship Week with Carolyn McDade in July 1994. My daughter and I attended through the encouragement of Rev. Lori Erhardt. Thank-you, Lori! We had a wonderful time! The whole week was full of great memories - Carolyn's beautiful, soul-reaching songs, singing, dancing, the talent show, the concert. . . . My daughter had the greatest time with the children making all those neat crafts! And of course, the waterslide down the hill in front of PCTC on a humongous sheet of plastic with a water hose and soapsuds was a blast! Thank-you PCTC! 

Patty and Leanne Acton, Lemberg, SK

My mother and I slept in a tipi overnight. I remember that it was rather cold, so then we moved closer to the fire. I was only seven at the time, but even now I remember almost everything that happened there at PCTC. 

Gillian Derksen, Saskatoon, SK

My memories: joining my fellow Sunday School teachers for courses that embraced inspiration, motivation, participation. Bud Harper was in charge of the overall programs at that time. We were affiliated with St. John's United Church at that time. Must have been during the early and mid-fifties. I am now almost 89 years old and living in a seniors home. 

Joan Hamilton, Regina, SK

My favorite memories of PCTC were Laboratories in Group Development Sessions I and II. ( I can't even remember whether this was the right name or not). This was way back (in Bud Harper's time) in the 60's or 70's. These were significant turning points in my life. Not exactly PCTC programs - but so important to me, and for which I want to thank PCTC - have been the Saskatchewan Christian Feminist Network "November Events" from 1982 to the present. 

Florence Bishop, Regina, SK

The most favorite memories of PCTC I have are the "Music in the Context of Worship" workshops I attended several years ago. Some of the new music introduced there I promptly used at the Vacation Bible School after I got home. I think John and Kathy Ambrose were the resource team for that one, but I also remember one the Strathdees were the resource team for as well. 

Helen Cooper, Chaplin, SK

So many memories! I have been going to PCTC since the days we slept in "The Church." The "Worship and Music Week" in July has been a favourite time of mine. To be with Linnea Good, Carolyn McDade and "The Common Cup" was a great experience! Memories of the activities at those three events include wonderful worship experiences, fabulous music, sharing of ideas and stories, dancing, drama, outdoor meals, concerts, and always laughter and fun. Thank you PCTC! You have made my life richer in an immeasurable way! 

Vera Cushing, Cabri, SK



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