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Our favorite memory of PCTC is our visits on weekends from Regina to assist in the building of PCTC in the early 50's. Really enjoyed the vespers on the hillside. Appreciated the leadership of Dr. Bill.

 Jean and George Sibbald, Saskatoon, SK

My first experience with PCTC was attending my sister's graduation from a winter course she had taken in the early 60's - and also to meet her fiancÚ whom she had met at the same course. Margie and Ron have celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary, are parents to two fine children and grandparents to three beautiful cherubs. And it all started at PCTC! 

Elaine Kowpak, Harris, SK

I have been to PCTC three times over the years, and appreciate having such a facility in such a beautiful setting. But my best memory was the study tour to Nicaragua, sponsored by PCTC. Fourteen of us, including three ministers, a Catholic, an Anglican, one married couple from ON, one high school student, one band leader, two farmers, etc. melded into a friendly, mean lean learning machine. What a great opportunity to learn the history and politics, tour a refugee camp, visit a school for street children in Managua, fly and boat to Pearl Lagoon to meet Lesley Harrison, a United Church minister originally from Prince Albert, at that time pastor of the Moravian Church. We had one free day at the Cayes, to get sunburnt. We were treated like visiting royalty, and had interpreters when needed. Truly my best winter holiday to date, and I've done a fair amount of travelling. 

Irene Nagel, Moose Jaw, SK 

In the very early sixties I attended a week long session for Sunday School teachers at PCTC. Some things are quite vivid in my mind - sleeping in the top bunk and the bathroom lineups!!! The one event that really stands out as my fondest memory was the communion service. Some of us felt that a service of communion at the end of the week would be a very special ending for a special session. When the minister leading the course said "Well, my robe is back in Winnipeg and I don't know if there is a communion set here," needless to say we were deflated. Suddenly, his face lit up as he said "Let's celebrate with our evening snack!" Cookies and tea for communion???? It was indeed a very special ending. There weren't very many dry eyes as we left the dining hall that evening. I've never found words to describe my feelings, but obviously it left an impression on me. That minister was a very wise man indeed. 

Dorothy Morrow, Nipawin, SK

Many memories come to mind when I think of PCTC. My first introduction to PCTC was when my husband and I visited on our honeymoon in September, 1957. Only one of the dorms was built (I believe Manitoba Hall). Some of the staff had a bit of fun informing us that it was the Men's Dorm and they were puzzled as to where the new bride would have to sleep. After considerable thought (and laughter) we both were allowed to spend the night in Manitoba Hall. 

The tranquility of The Centre, nestled in the picturesque Qu'Appelle Valley was a peaceful sanctuary for so many of us. The brisk early morning walks, as well as the climb to the top of the hill to pick the first crocuses or listening to the clinking of the ice going out on Echo Lake in the spring, were all special memories. 

Attending many of the Women's Spring Events and being on some of the planning teams were highlights for me, as well as a change of pace from the work-a-day world in the city. The inspirational music, the new songs we learned, the information and ideas we gleaned from the workshops which were lead by a team of great resource people, provided a rich environment for the strengthening of our faith and beliefs. 

Talent Night always amazed us. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we participated in humourous skits, fashion shows, songs, recitations and dance that transformed the lounge into a theatre, like none other. Laughter was contagious and could be heard throughout, as each person or group performed. "Broadway" couldn't come close to "OUR" talent. 

We always seemed ready for snack time and looked forward to the nutritious, tasty meals prepared for us. Many times while I was there, Marleen was the pleasant lady in the kitchen, along with her helpers. She always seemed to have everything under control. Setting tables, singing new and familiar table blessings as well as cleaning up, were all a part of the good times shared. 

Getting to know people from various churches, making new friends, talking and listening to those who had a story to tell and felt confident in telling it, at PCTC were all fond memories. Brushing tears from our eyes, accompanied by hugs, we said our good-byes, with plans to meet again at PCTC. 

Donna Peck-Harland Winnipeg, MB

Your location is beautiful, your purpose of high standards. I was there for the seminar on Union with the Anglican Church - THAT LONG AGO! 

Betty McLeod

My favorite memory of PCTC is a music workshop in the summer. I can't remember the year, but the featured leader was Sydney Carter. He had a drum under one arm - on which he beat time - and he never stood still - constantly moving. Many other enjoyable times too. 

Rev. Dr. I. Marguerite Miller

I was a student of the "Winter Course" (October 1955 - March 1956) having enrolled in early October 1955, at the Prairie Christian Training Centre. Dr. William F. Clarke was the Principal at that time.

The first semester of the Winter Course for students taking classes in Christian Education Leadership Training commenced in October through December. After a 'break' over the Christmas holidays, classes resumed in January to about the end of March. 

There were visiting lecturers, professors, and ministers who came to conduct classes on Bible Study; for example, there were classes on The Psalms, a study on Characters of the Old Testament, in the New Testament, The Book of Acts; The Meaning of Faith - What We Believe; Church History; Church Music; Christian Education sessions with emphasis on mid-week groups, as well as instruction in Art and Handicrafts. 

Students formed into small groups, which would be assigned to planning and conducting daily morning Chapel services in the Chapel and the great HYMN-SINGS we had in the Lounge by the fireplace. 

In retrospect, I believe it was really a marvelous opportunity for growing in the Christian faith, and indeed, it also gave students splendid learning experiences in sharing their faith with others. 

As I look back over the years, I am filled with a sense of profound gratitude and a heart of thanksgiving to God for the Prairie Christian Training Centre, and that I was privileged to be a student of what was known as the "Winter Course" back in the 1950's. 

Mabel (Cotton) Colquhoun, Regina, SK


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