From Linda Anderson, Executive Director

Spring has come! Our staff cats, Sophie, Lois and Nellie, are having great fun patrolling the property, catching mice and warning rodents that the guest halls are off limits. Stepping outside in the middle of the day is wonderful – the air smells so-o good!

It seems that we all are much more aware of these small delights after the first three months of 2009, with the constant barrage of cold and snow, depressing and frightening news constantly trumpeted through the media, and for the Centre, fewer guests and some programs cancelled. It feels as though many people have been cocooned and cautious, just waiting to see what will happen.

At the same time, we have been very busy at Calling Lakes. We have used the quiet days to do a thorough deep cleaning of all the facilities. We are particularly grateful to Jackie Welder and Lorraine Bonville for their persistent dedication and heavy application of elbow grease – guests are noticing how clean and fresh everything is. Office staff are continuing to modify and enhance their systems for serving the public. Program folk have been creatively planning. We are very excited about the new training program for Designated Lay Ministry, described elsewhere in this newsletter. It was good to be able to plan from the foundation up with colleagues from Five Oaks and the General Council Office.

Nonetheless, I find myself wondering how to make my personal choices and our community choices during this chaotic time in the world. I am very sure that it is not enough to assume that this is an economic bump in the road and then everything will go ‘back to normal’. I’m also very sure that I don’t want everything to go ‘back to normal’ if that means living individualistically and selfishly, with little attention paid to the Earth and to all beings who make their home on this planet.

In order to find our way, I think we must pay attention to the growing current of thinking and activity that is challenging the old cultural paradigm. As the structures of modern society crumble, is it enough to respond with the same tired solutions? Or are we being called to question a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of our civilization?

All over the world, people are bravely telling the truth of their experience of life and questioning current definitions of success. In Africa, they speak of ubuntu, an understanding that no one can be well unless all the needs of the community are cared for. I recommend a website, www.globalonenessproject.org, that has many interesting and inspiring small videos. Through action and communication people are finding that they are not the only ones wanting deep change. Surely there is hope in this.

I have been doing research on possibilities for alternate sources of power for use here at the Centre. I was deeply moved by the absolute commitment and dedication of the owner of a wind and geo-thermal company. It was very apparent that his commitment was to helping us decide what would really be best for us, not just selling us something. In conversation over lunch, Terry began to talk about how wind turbines might not be so expensive if we would work in community to put them up – sort of like the old way of doing community barn-raisings – people working together for the good of all. He too was longing for an ubuntu way of living in the world.

Calling Lakes Centre has both a huge challenge and an even more enormous opportunity to demonstrate leadership and commitment to living out a new cultural paradigm, focused on community and care for the Earth. The Centre needs you, our Friends, to join with us as we move step by step into the future, offering your gifts of wisdom, time and money.

I hope that when you receive this copy of the Echo, you will think seriously about making a commitment to the Calling Lakes Friends community by signing up for PAR. If monthly contributions don’t work for your financial situation, we certainly will appreciate receiving your cheque that will help us in our daily operations or to fund some of the research and groundwork leading to a plan for capital redevelopment of the Centre. And finally, if you are able to travel and are attracted to one of our programs, or if you want to spend some time away from you usual routine, COME and stay with us and enjoy!

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