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For secretaries or office administrators here are the programs in a format for the weekly bulletins:   Bulletin Blurbs 
Please note: The price for each program, found as "Investment in Learning", includes meals and double occupancy accommodation. Single accommodation is available (when space permits) for an extra $10 per night.

Register early and avoid disappointment!!  
Decision Day is the day we decide if we have enough participants to go ahead with the program, so please register early so that we can make a positive decision.  The cost is also less  - we add 10% if  you register for a program after its Decision Day .

Ministry of Church Office Workers
Monday, October 20 (5:30 pm supper) to Wednesday, October 22 (1 pm)

Come for a few days of fun, relaxation and learning with other church office workers.  read more

A Courage & RenewalŪ Cross-Vocational Retreat:  Toward an Undivided Life
Main Retreat: Monday, November 3 (5:30 supper) to Wednesday, November 5 (1 pm)    

For anyone seeking renewal of personal identity, professional integrity and vocational vitality, awakening that which changes our lives from within.  read more     

A Courage & RenewalŪ Cross-Vocational Retreat: Welcoming Winter Wisdom
Main Retreat: Sunday, November 16 (5:00 pm) to Tuesday, November 18 (1 pm)

As winter settles in, our life energy shifts along with the changing landscape. read more


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Thinking about attending a program?


Let us know!


Register early!



The decision to go ahead with a program is usually made 2-3 weeks before an event is scheduled to begin.


This is listed as the Decision Day under the cost of the program. This price, also know as your Investment in Learning, includes food and shared accommodation. Single accommodation is available for an extra $10 per night if space permits.


Help us to make a positive decision and save yourself money.

After Decision Day, program fees increase 10%.




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